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Red Dead Online Review

Today’s update of Red Dead Online has added a few new things to the game. I am not going to go through every single thing that was changed, but I’ll tell you about one of them that I think is great. Before I get into it, I want to let you know that this update […]

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YouTube on Xbox – Learn How

You may have noticed a new icon on the YouTube home page. It is now known as “HD+.” This stands for High Definition Quality. Video players such as the Xbox Ones and Scorpio can now watch High Definition videos. If you want to see this feature in your video player, all you need to do […]


What to Expect From Sony’s Next-Gen PlayStation

Sony’s next-generation PlayStation 5 will have a host of new features, and among them will be the PlayStation VR headset. If you are not familiar with the term, it is a revolutionary new device that allows users to completely immerse themselves in the game without moving their hands or feet from where they are sitting. […]